Reptile n Chill released their first podcast on 10th September 2018, with very little aim other than to bring like-minded people reptile lovers together and have fun whilst doing it! Over the first few months, the show went from strength to strength and its because of you guys, the listeners. The community of 'chillbags' a place in the world of reptiles to sit back, relax and enjoy the hobby!

But how did we all meet and form 'the brotherhood'?

Hoss and Danny knew each other from around various reptile groups on Facebook, mainly from clashing and arguing about who had bigger balls, typical reptile keeper arguments etc... Then during early spring of 2016, the pair found mutual ground and put their differences aside and became quite good friends. After a few months, in August 2016 they created a Facebook group called 'The Natural Reptile Keeper' with the idea of promoting the more 'wild side' of keeping animals with naturalistic  enclosures. This group is still going!

Mike and Hoss met at a local reptile society which Hoss founded in the later months of 2017, both eventually stepped down in the early summer of 2018 to progress into forming Reptile n Chill. Bit of a weird one this... the pair hadn't communicated much until the society organised a trip to microclimate ltd in which Mike offered Hoss a lift, and well... that car journey was the creation of a great friendship.  


So how did it all start? Danny and Hoss had spoken about doing a podcast beforehand but never entertained the idea and it all seemed a lot of effort, neither of us knew how to even start one! Hoss tried to do the podcast on his own eventually with inspiration from other podcasts (Morelia Python Radio & From the ground up) but knew he needed help and decided to ask Mike and Danny if they would be interested in becoming part of this podcast. At this moment in time, Mike and Danny have never spoken, messaged or even knew about each other! Sitting down around the microphone for the first time, that was the first interaction they had whilst interviewing our very first guest Dave Clemens. Right in at the deep end, the brotherhood was formed.

Sometimes life gets in the way and causes tension... We argue, strop out of WhatsApp groups, disagree on basically everything sometimes but it always comes down to one thing.. We all LOVE reptiles and are very passionate about what we do. We all bring something different to the table, using our strengths and weaknesses when needed! Knowing this always brings us back together and hopefully we will continue to wreck your eardrums with our weekly podcasts and live streams!




We call him Dad. Mike is our 'lead interviewer' and is well known for gibbajabbing. Top banana! Fun fact, he hasn't taken a breath since 2018.... oh and apparently his granddad is Sir David Attenborough, we will let you decided the truth on that one!

Mike has a big passion for Carpet Pythons amongst other reptiles and has a rather keen interest in photography and wildlife.

You can follow his personal Instagram @phelpsphotographyx



Recently a plant was named in Danny's honour... 'Aloe Diva'. He's full of banter, abuse and insults. He keeps a mixed bag of colubrids, Madagascar tree boas and green tree pythons.

He's a massive fan of rotating wood (making bowls and ear plugs!) and a keen artist. Amongst being a massive plant lover!

You can follow his personal Instagram @dannytherascal



Hoss is the technical minded one of the Team. He produces the show and deals with all of our distribution, so when the podcast isn't uploaded on a Monday morning - aim all complaints at him!

Mainly, his interests focus on Indonesian, New Guinea and Australian pythons. Outside of reptiles, he enjoys a good book, strong coffee and in newfound love for plants (insert allotment jokes here).

You can follow his personal Instagram @thebrummiewildling



Just like The Beatles said 'i get by with a little help from my friends'. Meet our trusty steads, these guys firstly help keep the hosts in an orderly fashion (kinda!) and help us keep all those nasties out of the community, buy them a beer!

They are also pretty cool and great people to be around!



Lisa is our team member from North of the wall, full of dry wit, sarcasm and beer. Interested in mostly pythons but recently the collection is diversifying with her partner becoming interested in reptiles. 

Apart from reptiles, she can be found on her motorbike, in the garage or out walking the dogs. (Possibly in the pub too)

You can follow her personal Instagram @13irrell



Jamie "Ambrose" Burton, straight outta Yorkshire. His favourite species to keep are hognoses and has a small army of the little shites at home, alongside an array of exotic mammals. It's a wonder he gets time for anything else!

You can follow his personal Instagram @a_catalyst_


Well everybody knows that Stupot is Fat but believe it or not there is "more" to him than that.


Ex Aircraft Engineer who now is a Racing Instructor and also works in Carbon reduction schemes. He keeps anything that takes his fancy, from snakes and lizards to Frogs, spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlies. He also enjoys travelling especially to go herping (we secretly know its for foreign food!)

You can follow his personal Instagram @slithernslide

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